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Creating accessible materials for local campaigning

Many of the materials produced by WBG are aimed at politicians and other policy-makers. By their nature they are often technical and not always accessible for a wider public audience. In order to address this problem WBG has started to produce more accessible versions of some of our materials including a briefing pack explaining feminist economics to women’s organisations.

Front cover of WBG's What is Feminist Economics resource, design by 05creative*

Front cover of The Women's Budget Group's What is Feminist Economics resource

During the 2017 general election we worked in partnership with a number of other women’s organisations to produce a series of infographics with questions for candidates that could be shared on social media:

Infographics for the ge2017forwomen campaign website made by design studio 05creative*

Selection of infographics made for the #ge2017forwomen campaign

Communicate in everyday language and avoid technical policy language. Start by finding out about the concerns of civil society organisations and their client groups, find ways to make national data relevant at a local level, which can help make it useful for local organisations.