How WBG got started

The Women’s Budget Group (WBG) is a network of leading academic researchers, policy analysts and activists set up in 1989 to analyse UK government economic policy for its impact on women and to promote policies that will increase gender equality.

Our vision is of a gender equal society.

Our mission is to promote greater gender equality in policy making and raise awareness of feminist approaches to economics.

We do this by producing well respected, academically robust analysis of the gender impact of economic policy in order to influence policy discussions and promote gender equal policy outcomes. This involves drawing on the expertise of our membership network and staff team to:

  • Analyse economic policy for its impact on women and men
  • Develop social and economic policies towards a gender equal and sustainable economy
  • Promote our policy analysis and proposed alternatives to policy makers, the media and wider civil society
  • Promote and enable the use of gender budget analysis by government and other public bodies
  • Build the capacity of women’s organisations to influence debates on economic policy
  • Contribute to and learn from the international experience of gender budget analysis